The Details 

Splash into Reading was created with your active preschooler in mind! Students who do not read over the summer will lose reading achievement. It's called the "summer slide," and this reading loss is cumulative. We're making reading fun this summer with sight word water balloons, water guns, beach balls, fishing for sight words... the list goes on!


30 Minutes

Once A Week (8 weeks)



Flexible Scheduling

Two Payments Of $325 

Florida: June 5th- July 24th

New Jersey: July 10th- August 28th

What Our Parents Say

"Working with Preschool Readers has been a wonderful experience for us. It's helped give my son a sincere love of reading. He looks forward to his session each week and constantly asks when Miss Lisa is coming. Preschool Readers makes learning fun and builds reading confidence in a way that has really worked well for us. " 

"We are so fortunate to have the support of Preschool Readers. As parents of a 3 year old we were looking for a creative jumpstart to reading. Ms. Lisa creates a fun environment each week for our daughter and provides us with unique tools to reinforce the positivity of learning to read. Preschool Readers is an amazing extension of the classroom and 'homeroom'

"Preschool Readers helped my son become a confident reader in kindergarten. Not only does my son have a speech delay, he also doesn't have a good attention span. With preschool readers they engage your child where they don't even realize they are learning how to read. For him he was excited to play during his session and use new cool pens and stamps to identify words. It's amazing how well this method worked for him. He's a seconds grade level reader now:) I can't stress enough how this is truly a life changer for him. He now has a great foundation and loves to read!!! "

"Frank looked forward to Miss Lisa coming every week; and still asks when she's coming back. The weekly sessions made him eager to learn about reading, and Miss Lisa helped encourage a positive attitude the entire time. We would recommend using preschool readers. "